Knowledge Services


The client.

Knowledge Services is the largest government MSP provider in the nation with eight state accounts and counting. With a diverse and growing team, seven office locations across the country, and a focus on mobile capabilities, Knowledge Services is poised to help organizations serve the modern citizen through cost-effective solutions that put people first.

The opportunity.

Knowledge Services was continuing to grow, and eager to take advantage of the new "gig" economy. (Think Uber for government contract jobs.) Because of this, leadership felt a need to evolve the brand, better define its purpose, and attract new clients, including "gig" workers. The challenge was that their business model is very complicated—as the VP of operations explained, it "takes a top-tier MBA to understand what we do”—and needed to be communicated in a way that would be understood by both government executives and everyday job seekers.

The outcome.

Mabbly readily accepted the challenge presented by Knowledge Services, taking the business through a complete brand transformation from the inside out. We studied the market landscape, getting to know the many nuances of the industry, and engaged in our data-driven creative strategy process to outline a vision for the brand. We developed a new brand identity, and go-to-market and culture strategies that would ignite and express the new brand for years to come.

With a firm grasp of the vision, our approach turned tactical. We designed and developed a new website, filmed a series of videos, supported a new mobile product design, and developed a communication and content strategy to nurture relationships.

A smart new face and the beacon of knowledge.

We drew inspiration from leading government services agencies and digital-first analogs to produce visuals and a story that would resonate with the right audience. We also created an innovative element we named the “Beacon of Knowledge” to support the brand’s inspirational position.

Bringing the brand to life.

With the real world of business in mind, we designed contextual examples for how the brand could live at each major touchpoint for stakeholders, including print collateral.